The Italian Riviera is a long strip of coastal land that lies close to the borders of France and Liguria.  Amongst the things that make the Italian Riviera an ideal place is its weather.  The climatic conditions are very constant. This means that there is not much variance between the summer months and the winter.  The cool climate of the region makes it one of the best places  in Europe for shootings.  With the waves lapping on the sea shore and the sea breeze blowing in your face you sure do realize the wonders in creation.  The feeling is further accentuated by the cliffs and coves that surround the Italian Riviera beaches. These surrounding natural structures do a lot to enhance the beauty of the region.  In fact it is these cliffs and coves that make the Italian Riviera distinct from other coastal regions.  With a wide variety of family hotels , resorts, beach villas and houses the region has ample amount of hospitality arrangements for all kinds of productions.