The ITALIAN RIVIERA-ALPI DEL MARE FILM COMMISSION, created by Alessandra Bergero in 1998, was one of the first film commissions in Italy. Our no profit association operates in  the north west part, in the districts of Savona and Imperia, in the western part of the region Liguria.     

The wide selection of locations in a narrow territory, the multiple choice of "look alike" venues, the mediterranean sunshine and climate, the numberless tourist accommodations able to offer facilitations for most of the whole year, the closeness and the easy access to main cities and airports, are the main features which attracted productions such as "the Bourne Identity" (Universal Pictures) and "Inkheart" (New Line Cinema/Warner Bros).

Our services  of assistance for authorizations, preliminary scouting, location library, infos, hotel logistics  and production guide are supplied free of  charge to productions thanks to the support of the " Mari Foundation, CARISA" and of the Tourism Department of Savona District.

The approach is creative and diversified according to the project on duty: we suggest, inform and coordinate every connection with institutions, authorities and local category associations in order to obtain facilitations and financial subventions.

Authors, film directors, set designers, producers and location scouters can find with us a personal and flexible collaboration, securing a great time-saving and a high standard professional service completely free of charge, thanks to the support of the " Mari Foundation, Cassa di Risparmio di Savona", and of the Savona and Imperia Districts.